Claris Connect Invite-Only Beta Now Open

Claris Connect Beta

Apple subsidiary Claris launched an invite-only beta of its Connect product on Monday. The platform, unveiled at the firm’s 2019 Developers’ Conference, aims to integrate apps and automate workflows.

Claris Connect Beta

Claris Connect – No Tradeoff Between Simplicity And Power

Claris Connect eliminates the need for custom coding. It is able to automatically tackle tasks such as authentication, authorization, monitoring, and version handling. Developers can create workflows of varying complexity to bring together third-party applications. The product is a “significant leap forward, according to Srini Gurrapu, vice president of product management and design. “With Claris Connect, simplicity and power no longer have to be a tradeoff. Whether you are a citizen developer or pro developer, Claris Connect makes workflow automation easy and powerful,” he said. At the moment, users have to request access to the beta. CEO, Brad Freitag, said:

There have never been any limits on what our developers can create with Claris FileMaker, which is why we are widely deployed by everyone from SMBs to Fortune 100 companies. That said, the speed of digital transformation happening in every industry demands hyper-agility and the ability to go from idea to workflow in minutes. Claris Connect drives this forward.

Claris said the service is a result of its acquisition of Stamplay. The company’s founder was a lead project manager on the new service.

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