CBS and Viacom Merge to Become ViacomCBS

ViacomCBS is the name of a merged corporation between CBS and Viacom. It will create a joint media library including over 140,000 TV episodes and 3,600 movies.

In their announcement, the companies note that the merger creates a joint content library that includes more than 140,000 TV episodes and 3,600 films, and “reunites fan-favorite franchises such as Star Trek and Mission: Impossible” (which were previously split between Paramount on the film side and CBS on the TV side). They also say that this will allow them to “accelerate” their direct-to-consumer strategy, which includes offerings like CBS All Access, Showtime and Pluto TV. The deal is expected to close by the end of 2019.

Check It Out: CBS and Viacom Merge to Become ViacomCBS

One thought on “CBS and Viacom Merge to Become ViacomCBS

  • Viacom originally split off CBS in 2005, in part to separate its business models between MTV, CBS Networks, Viacom Cable, and Paramount… and in part to settle managerial differences. Now, after 2 years of dancing around the issue, it looks like they’re finally merging back together again.

    I look forward to the articles from the financial magazines, delving into the corporate culture side of this opera!

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