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Consumer Reports

AppleInsider‘s Stephen Silver took a trip to Consumer Reports to talk about that magazine’s approach to Apple. It’s a very good read, full of direct information about some of CR’s high-profile criticisms of Apple’s report. Here’s a snippet:

This all said, there are a few things we conclude from our visit to Consumer Reports. Having viewed their testing process and met with their team, we are confident that they do not harbor a purposeful anti-Apple agenda, nor is there any sort of conspiracy against Apple afoot behind the CR walls. Their complete testing and evaluation process is conducted with integrity and in good faith.

However, there may very well be something about CR’s analytical, numbers-driven process that clashes with the design-heavy Apple ethos, and makes their conclusions about Apple products different from those of more traditional reviewers. Even so, this hasn’t stopped them from recommending most of Apple’s lineup.

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One thought on “On Consumer Reports’ Approach to Apple

  • This is the thing about Apple ‘clones’ like Insider and some guys here: You always play from behind; you act like you’ve never scored a touchdown like a frikkin’ rookie instead of a steady veteran with thick mature skin. Every Apple dis is met with incredulity and defense like some punk drone instead of actually doing some research and finding out the truth. I don’t care if it’s one-sided attitudes towards “patent trolls” while Apple does the exact same thing – buy patents and then sue, or battery issues; or endless security and bug fixes ALWAYS as if we are yearly beta testing leasees and never really owners of Apple tech- suckers. Would any financial advisor recommend an Apple product? I wonder. CR just lambasted the Tesla Model 3 for bad brakes and Elon didn’t cry – he said if it can’t be fixed via software update then he will fix the hardware for everybody. But you should’ve read the Tesla drone crybaby responses online – but Elon says no, it’s important my cars stop on a dime and sorry, my bad. Apple needs a little more Elon way. d:D

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