FastCompany writes:

Facebook has just been awarded a patent for technology that could let the social network scan through your photos, see what products you like, and then send that data to advertisers in the hopes of selling you more of the product.

So every photo a user posts to Facebook may, someday, be used to manipulate that user. But it’s just a patent award, right?

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  1. Mike Weasner

    So I post a photo of one of my Meade telescopes or a photo a galaxy that I have taken with a telescope. Would I be averse to seeing ads for telescopes? No. Would I be annoyed if I see ads for Samsung Galaxy cellphones? Absolutely. Of course, if they use my photos for determining what types of products I’m interested in having and only show me proper ads that align to actually what’s in the photos I post, then that is a step in a better direction than just showing me ads that are absolutely of no interest to me. Of course, Facebook should not be selling my information to their advertisers. They (Facebook) should only make money from that advertiser if I actually click on an ad to learn more, which I never do for products I’m not interested in.

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