Crusader Kings III Release Date on Macs Set for September 1

Crusader kings 3

Paradox Development Studio announced the Crusader Kings III release date today. It comes to Mac, Linux, and Windows on September 1.

The new title focuses more on your ruling family’s personality, complete with character lifestyles and traits (acting against them can lead to stress or even breakdowns), earning Renown to boost your reputation and inducing Dread to keep people in line. Dynasties can split into individual houses, blackmail is an option, skilled fighters can become knights, and you can set Tenets and Doctrines for religions that deviate from the original.

Check It Out: Crusader Kings III Release Date on Macs Set for September 1

2 thoughts on “Crusader Kings III Release Date on Macs Set for September 1

  • I’ve purchased many iOS games over the past decade from the App Store as well as Mac games from the App store and other sources such as Steam and for the Mac. Sadly most of them are no longer playable on current OS versions, in many cases because they were 32-bit games broken by iOS 11 and macOS 10.15 Catalina, or because APIs/ABIs they depended on were discontinued by Apple.

    In contrast, my entire Steam and library is still playable on Windows 10. In the handheld space, every 3DS game that I have works fine in spite of dozens of firmware and hardware revisions by Nintendo.

    1. Not only that, but even old Nintendo DS games from 2006 still run fine on the 3DS. Not so with old iPhone games – most of them break with Apple’s yearly iOS updates.

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