Zerodium is temporarily suspending its purchasing of iOS exploits due to a high number of submissions, with the CEO saying ”iOS security is f**ked.”

Zerodium is an exploit acquisition platform that pays researchers for zero-day security vulnerabilities and then sells them to institutional customers like government organizations and law enforcement agencies. The company focuses on high-risk vulnerabilities, normally offering between $100,000 and $2 million per fully functional iOS exploit.

Check It Out: Zerodium Pauses Purchases of iOS Exploits

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  1. FCompton

    Hmm. If the security were that bad, would the government(s) need Apple to provide backdoor access to the OS? Seems the FBI could simply purchase the tools from them and bypass Apple completely. I’m not sure I trust any declaration made so blatantly and publicly. I’d like a real security expert’s evaluation of this before I would trust it.

  2. archimedes

    This is really embarrassing for Apple and alarming for iPhone users. Apple needs to get its security house in order.

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