How an Apple Watch Could Help Track COVID-19

Stanford is looking for participants for its Wearables Data Study, which working to establish if devices like Apple Watch can help detect COVID-19. Gizmodo looked into how it all works.

Once enough people have opted-in via Stanford’s site and their data’s been collected, the second phase involves building a personal dashboard that can tell people when they’re getting sick. And while the original Stanford study’s algorithm was developed using a Basis watch and a few other discontinued devices, this new study aims to be device-agnostic. Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Oura Rings are just some of the wearables included. “We’re getting a tonne of people enrolling who have a smartwatch and have been ill,” Snyder says. “There’s lots of smartwatch wearers out there. There’s 30 million active users from Fitbit, millions from Apple Watch. We’re talking tens of millions of people, all with these smartwatches that could be health protectors for infectious diseases like covid-19.”

Check It Out: How an Apple Watch Could Help Track COVID-19

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