Many people rejoiced when we learned that macOS Catalina was going to be the end of iTunes. However, the Verge reported, it is going to be a problem for some DJs.

According to Apple, along with Catalina’s removal of iTunes, users are also losing XML file support as all native music playback on Macs moves over to the official Music app, which has a new library format. XML file support is a popular organizational feature for DJs who use it to sort tracks into playlists and utilize the “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications” option to seamlessly transmit data between apps. Tons of popular DJ apps, like Rekordbox and Traktor, read XML files, and over the years, iTunes became the de facto way for lots of DJs to sort through their massive file libraries and quickly find tracks while performing.

Check It Out: The Death of iTunes is a Problem for DJs That Relied on it

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    • decafjava

      You can still access the iTune store through the music app, which will play all your music files and playlists. I imported all my music and playlists (including smartplaylists) without any problems. Make sure you checkmark to show iTunes store in preferences.

  1. lkrupp215

    But didn’t the rest of the article also say that this ability will now be available in new APIs from Apple and that Apple will help developers update their apps?

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