Deliveries 9 From JuneCloud Arrives September 30

Deliveries 9 from JuneCloud arrives Wednesday, September 30 for Apple devices. It will be a subscription-based app that costs US$0.99/month or US$4.99/year.

If you previously purchased the app, you’ll get a complimentary subscription for up to 18 months from the date you purchased it. If you bought the app more than 18 months ago, your complimentary subscription will end February 1, 2021. You’ll continue to have access to most features of the app even after your complimentary subscription ends.

On their support page it looks like the app will be useless without a subscription. If you want to add new deliveries and sync with iCloud then you’ll have to pay up.

Check It Out: Deliveries 9 From JuneCloud Arrives September 30

One thought on “Deliveries 9 From JuneCloud Arrives September 30

  • Beyond absurd. First they come up wit a paid app to do what the shippers own web sites will do. Ok maybe but you’d need to be getting a lot of deliveries to make it worthwhile. But now they expect people to subscribe go this? Thats ridiculous. .

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