The Changing Style of Super Bowl Logos

Super Bowl Logos

It is nearly time for SuperBowl LVIII. On Sunday, the LA Rams and the New England Patriots will go head-to-head for the sport’s biggest prize. To celebrate, Fast Company produced a very cool round-up of all the Super Bowl logo since the AFL and NFL champions clashed for the first time in 1967. They perfectly illustrate a lot of the design sensibilities of their time. Some of the ones from the ’90s are rather…interesting, shall we say!


Check It Out: The Changing Style of Super Bowl Logos

One thought on “The Changing Style of Super Bowl Logos

  • I have a tradition. Every year on the Super Bowl I…do something else.
    Some years it’s been watching a movie. This year I’ll be at a rehearsal for a play. But even years ago when we’d go to a Super Bowl party I would end up in the other room chatting with people and not watching the game.
    Don’t care about the game.
    Care even less about the commercials.

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