Details of Apple’s New iPad Pros Leaked

9to5Mac has posted leaked details of Apple’s new iPad Pros. “Today, sources familiar with the development of the new 2018 iPad Pro have offered additional details about the device, its features, and more.” That includes Face ID, thinner bezels, a USB-C port for external 4K/HDR displays and a new Apple Pencil. Are we excited? Oh, yes.

Check It Out: Details of Apple’s New iPad Pros Leaked

2 thoughts on “Details of Apple’s New iPad Pros Leaked

  • I think it’s time considering how robust the hardware is in the iPad Pro that Apple put the full blown Mac OS on it for seamless Apple computing across all their toys and pro computers.
    Of course it should be either dual bootable into a shell of iOS or have nascent iOS functionality built into the Mac OS such as touch and stylus support. A hybrid so to speak where iMovie and Garageband play and act the same whether iOS or Mac OS. 🖥

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