Redditor u/WinterCharm has made an informative post where he compares Apple’s A12 chip to desktop chips like the Xeon 8192, i7 6700k, and AMD EPYC 7601.

The main takeaway here is that Apple’s A12 is approaching or exceeding the performance of these competing chips in Spec2006, with lower clock speeds and less power consumption. The A12 BIG core running at 2.5GHz beats a Xeon 8176 core running at 3.8GHz, in 9 out of 12 of Spec_Int 2006 tests, often by a large margin (up to 44%). It falls behind in 3 tests, but the deficiency is 2%, 6%, and 12%. It also comes quite close to a desktop 6700k.

Check It Out: The A12 Chip Has Almost Caught up to Desktop Chips

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