A German developer has complained to EU antitrust authorities after Google and Apple rejected his game from the App Store and Play Store, Reuters reported. The game was designed to encourage compliance with COVID-19 rules issued by governments.

Mueller says the app rules set by the two U.S. tech giants are holding back innovation, in breach of EU regulation, after both companies rejected his Corona Control Game app in November. Google and Apple rules say COVID-19 related apps must be government approved in order to avoid promoting conflicting or incorrect health advice. Google told Reuters in response to Mueller’s complaint that it only approves apps that reference COVID-19 or related terms if they are published, commissioned, or authorized by an official government entity or public health organization. Apple had no immediate comment but referred to guidelines issued in March which say entertainment or game apps with COVID-19 as their theme will not be allowed.

Check It Out: Developer Complains to EU After Apple And Google Reject Game Encouraging COVID-19 Rule Compliance

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