DEVONthink Pro: $39.95

DEVONthink Pro screenshots on Mac

We have a deal for you today on DEVONthink Pro for the Mac. This software allows you to view and edit many documents inline, read webpages as if they were local documents, and file your information. You can also store your documents in a self-contained database and sync your data directly on the local network or on any USB stick or SD card w/ AES 256-bit encryption. It’s US$39.95 through us, half off retail.

Check It Out: DEVONthink Pro: $39.95

2 thoughts on “DEVONthink Pro: $39.95

  • Hmm, it appears that Circus Ponies has shut down, and Yojimbo seems to require a paid subscription for syncing (why doesn’t it work with iCloud/DropBox/webDAV/etc.?) Evernote also wants a subscription, which is why I deleted it years ago. I’m glad that DevonThink is still around and doesn’t seem to have gone the subscription route.

  • Too bad I missed this – I like DevonThink quite a bit and have used it for some time to capture all sorts of thoughts and information into a form that’s relatively easy to browse and search.

    I think it’s a nice piece of software for collecting things like random notes, documents, and snippets of information from the web. It seems to store the documents as individual files in RTF or PDF format (usually), so they can be indexed by spotlight and can be opened by other applications like TextEdit or Preview. Although you can use the Finder for this sort of organization, DevonThink allows you to browse and edit documents in a single window, which is extremely convenient.

    I’ve seen other personal organizer products over the years like Circus Ponies Notebook and BareBones’ Yojimbo, but DevonThink is the one that I’ve stuck with.

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