Disney+ Reveals All the Shows Coming to The Service

One Day at Disney

Disney+ tweeted almost all of the shows and movies coming to the streaming service in a flurry of tweets on Monday. Techcrunch has a good of rundown of what is on the way.

For anyone who grew up on Disney, the list is a nostalgic look back at not just the studio’s hits, but also the titles that had quickly faded from your memory, or those that even make you cringe. While most streaming services today round out their catalog lineup with less popular content in order to claim a larger number of total titles available, they don’t tend to promote their B movies and crappy TV shows in any of their marketing or advertising, for obvious reasons. Disney’s approach, by comparison, is refreshingly transparent.

Check It Out: Disney+ Reveals All the Shows Coming to The Service

One thought on “Disney+ Reveals All the Shows Coming to The Service

  • Just spent about 15 minutes scrolling down the Disney+ feed to see what they have. Holy crap they have everything, shows and films I liked, ones I hated, ones I heard of but never saw, one’s that I’ver never heard of, obscure stuff that I suspect went directly into the vault. Stuff going back decades. I wish all streaming services would do this, let you know what they are offering. I still have not been able to find a full list of what’s included with AppleTV+ or AmazonPrime.

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