iPhone SE2 Will be ‘Key Growth Driver’ in 2020

Analyst Ming-Ching Kuo believes that the iPhone SE2 will be Apple’s key growth driver next year.  He made the prediction in a new note, sent to investors Sunday, CNBC reported.

In a note to investors Sunday, Kuo reiterated that the iPhone SE2 will have a similar design to the iPhone 8. That suggests Apple will be able to reuse parts from that phone while upgrading some of the internal components, like the processor and camera. It will be offered in silver, space gray and red, Kuo said. Kuo also predicted that the budget iPhone will likely attract people who are still using the iPhone 6 and 6s, which he estimates are still being used by as many as 200 million people, even though those phones launched five years ago. He said the new phone will be a “key growth driver” for Apple next year.

Check It Out: iPhone SE2 Will be ‘Key Growth Driver’ in 2020

One thought on “iPhone SE2 Will be ‘Key Growth Driver’ in 2020

  • IF it is at this price.
    IF it has these specs.
    IF it happens at all.
    The thing I’ve learned is that analysts always claim there is something six months away in the pipeline that will knock your socks off. Most of the time they vanish without a trace.

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