Drones Help Find The Victims of Mexico’s Drug War

Mexico’s drug war is infamous the world over. The Verge reported on how a group of mothers in the country used drones to find victims’ graves.

When the members of family collectives like Solecito search for a mass grave in places like Colinas de Santa Fe, they go in groups. Often, dangerous people would prefer the bodies not be found. The sites are isolated, making the visits conspicuous, and it’s hard to say for sure whether the visitors are being watched. There is some safety in numbers. Drones have become a crucial part of the routine. The families sail them over the land to scan for signs of human presence, like a smoldering campfire or discarded cans of food — signals that they could come under attack because a criminal group is still there.


Check It Out: Drones Help Find The Victims of Mexico’s Drug War

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