EFF Shares Statement on Apple Scanning for Illegal Content

Surveillance camera spying on people

This week we discovered that Apple plans to localize its scanning efforts to detect child sexual abuse material. The move has been widely criticized and the Electronic Frontier Foundation has shared its statement on the matter.

All it would take to widen the narrow backdoor that Apple is building is an expansion of the machine learning parameters to look for additional types of content, or a tweak of the configuration flags to scan, not just children’s, but anyone’s accounts. That’s not a slippery slope; that’s a fully built system just waiting for external pressure to make the slightest change.

Check It Out: EFF Shares Statement on Apple Scanning for Illegal Content

2 thoughts on “EFF Shares Statement on Apple Scanning for Illegal Content

  • I completely agree and only wish they would have announced this before I bought the M1 iPad. As a 2 decade Apple user I will be forced to pull all data off of iCloud and stop freely using devices as I once did. I do not trust once ounce of what Apple is doing and consider there no difference between Apple, Google or Facebook.

    The sheep will believe anything they are told, the rest of us know better and will move on.

  • Apple blew it. They opened a back door. They have blown my trust. Cook is pathetic and this is a terrible and sad day for apple fans. Apple caves on back doors. That should be the headline everywhere.

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