Investor Roger McNamee Calls for Imprisoning Executives for Criminal Charges

mark zuckerberg in jail

Roger McNamee is calling for criminal probes into Facebook and imprisonment for executives. Specially, he believes investigations into six areas should happen, such as:

The US Securities and Exchange Commission should look at Facebook’s failure to disclose information about its business. Facebook allowed human trafficking on its platform and was “paid to enable it to happen.” Facebook’s management was “complicit” in the “Stop the Steal” campaign which led to the January 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill.

Check It Out: Investor Roger McNamee Calls for Imprisoning Executives for Criminal Charges

3 thoughts on “Investor Roger McNamee Calls for Imprisoning Executives for Criminal Charges

  • Andrew:

    Roger McNamee’s assertion is not hyperbole, but a statement in conformity with ascertainable facts. Were most of us to commit even one of the objectively offensive activities that FB’s own internal documents confirm that they have, we would be subject to felonious prosecution and likely imprisonment, if convicted.

    FB and their executive leadership should not be given an exemption. This is not simply a question of power and privilege, but of the ongoing threat of further harm as evidenced from FB’s own assertion that they are doing everything humanly possible to avoid harm and are not responsible for any adverse outcomes. Nor are they willing to mend anything related to their business, including a reduction in powers for their founding CEO, MZ. How is this thematically different from the tobacco industry asserting no responsibility for increased uptake for a product artificially enriched with addictive nicotine and flavours demonstrated to appeal to children, and directly correlated with the rise in small cell carcinoma of the lung in outsized proportion amongst smokers relative to non-smokers?

    Tech and non-tech companies alike should actively adopt workarounds to avoid patronising this platform, or in other ways rewarding similar businesses that adopt this model.

    As for Zuckerberg and his leadership circle, they cannot plead either innocence or even ignorance as a defence against the social dislocation, including homelessness and death at population scale, created by their platform, given the level of internal research and feedback from their own workforce, intelligence that they have intentionally hidden from the public.

    FB is an object lesson in why we cannot cede unchecked power and unchallengeable authority to any one person, particularly when that person has such limited social and cultural exposure, and prior responsibility and experience as Zuckerberg’s, even more so when his impact affects lives in the billions.

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