According to a Bloomberg Technology report, Facebook Inc. is building a team to design its own semiconductors. Just what this new hardware will be used for is not known for sure, but one surmise is for artificial intelligence applications on its servers. But the hardware could also extend to personal electronics. Like Han Solo, I have a bad feeling about this.

Check It Out: Facebook Wants to Build Hardware; What Could Go Wrong?

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  1. vpndev

    FaceBook is in a really awkward place right now. They’re having to hew to the EU rules but have rather publicly flipped that off for rest-of-world. Legislators in the U.S. might (might!) pass on that, at least for now, but those in other countries certainly will not. FB will soon face a legislative sh**storm in lots of non-US countries, most of which will probably insist that FB implement its EU policies.

    The great thing about the FaceBook/Cambridge Analytica scandal is that people are now much more aware of what has been going on, and much less prepared to accept it.

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