FaceID Not Fooled By Masks, Unlike Other Facial Recognition Systems

More Details on iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Emerge

Intelligence company Kneron tested out a number of facial recognition systems used in payments and banking. It found many could be fooled by photographs or masks. However, not Apple’s FaceID, reported Fortune.

Kneron conducted the experiments to learn about the technology’s limitations while developing its own facial recognition technology. The company, which is led backed by high-profile investors including Qualcomm and Sequoia Capital, is creating what it calls “Edge AI,” an artificial intelligence tool that does the job of recognizing individual entirely on devices rather than though cloud-based services. Kneron also noted that its experiments could not fool some facial recognition applications, notably Apple’s iPhone X. The company’s experiment comes at a time of intense debate over how broadly to deploy facial recognition.

Check It Out: FaceID Not Fooled By Masks, Unlike Other Facial Recognition Systems

One thought on “FaceID Not Fooled By Masks, Unlike Other Facial Recognition Systems

  • Apple’s Face ID was hacked immediately different ways- by a MASK, photos and then by twins – not cool. But the easiest and dumbest is just putting tape on glasses – it fools the “Live” sensor and you’re in. It does no good to publish these cherry picked results because it lulls people into thinking Apple’s Face ID is safer than it is – and if you do a quick search on the web you’ll see that is not the case. Nobody really recommends using facial rec as log-in safeguard – nobody not even Apple as they’ve indemnified themselves from legal by admitting Face ID is not foolproof. ⏚

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