Disney+ Has Been Downloaded on 22 Million Devices

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Disney+ is off to a very good start. According to a report by Apptopia, picked up by Marketwatch, it has been downloaded on 22 million devices.

The streaming service, which made its debut Nov. 12, has been downloaded 22 million times to mobile devices in what is probably the most successful launch in the nascent industry’s history, according to app-tracking firm Apptopia. The report says the app has averaged 9.5 million daily active mobile users, landing the top spot on Apple Inc.’s and Alphabet Inc.’s Google’s app stores. “I can’t imagine anyone topping this start,” Adam Blocker, who wrote the report, told MarketWatch. He says the combination of Disney+’s inexpensive price ($6.99 a month), the allure of a $12.99-per-month bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu, and the marketing muscle of Walt Disney Co. preordained its success.

Check It Out: Disney+ Has Been Downloaded on 22 Million Devices

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