Steve Jobs’ estate has won back ownership of the domain, Cult of Mac reported. A man going by the name Steve Jobs Kim since 1999 previously owned it.

The Steve Jobs Archive, LLC made the case against Steve Jobs Kim. Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs set up this organization after her husband’s death. It filed a complaint with Forum, a group formerly known as the National Arbitration Forum. This organization provides arbitration and mediation services to businesses. A three-person National Arbitration Forum panel looked into the case and decided that the owner of the site was trading off Steve Jobs’ name. The group concluded that the site gave the impression that it was authorized by the Steve Jobs or his successors. It offered consulting and technology news.

Check It Out: Steve Jobs’ Estate Wins Back Ownership of Domain

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  1. khurt

    The owner of the domain should have changed his/her name to Steve Jobs. The estate would have had a harder time winning.

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