The FBI wants to monitor Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for domestic terrorism threats in real time.

The FBI ultimately wants an interactive tool that can be accessed by all headquarters division and field office personnel via web browsers and through multiple devices. Interested vendors should have the capabilities to offer the agency the ability to set filters around the specific content they see, send immediate and custom alerts and notifications around “mission-relevant” incidents, have broad international reach and a strong language translation capability and allow for real-time geolocation-based monitoring that can be refined as events develop.

Just ask the NSA.

Check It Out: FBI to Monitor Social Media for Domestic Terrorism Threats

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  1. geoduck

    You’d (gun) think it wouldn’t be (bomb) too hard to (isis) use a bot to watch for (boom) key words and phrases.

  2. MacHeritage

    These apps already exist, unless they have already been sold to a military or government somewhere. CTV up here in Canada showed us two such apps that scan all social media live, not just Facebook and Twitter. Seems like the FBI are either making an official request public or making it look like they don’t have the resources yet when they already do, internally.

    The FBI plays a lot of games with the public (know someone who worked there).

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