For many of us organizing documents and the like on our iPhones is dull and something we’d rather the device did. As Bradley Chambers noted on 9to5Mac, the often overlooked Files app makes that possible.

Before the release of the Files app, I had my documents in separate buckets. I kept personal documents in iCloud Drive, shared folders in Dropbox, and work files in Google Drive since my school uses G Suite. After the Files app’s release with iOS 11, it became the app I used 99% of the time to search for and open files regardless of which cloud provider they were stored in. For people who live and breathe technology every day, I could generally tell you where my files are stored, but for people who see technology as a path to getting something done, trying to locate files is a chore. Thanks to Apple’s Document Provider API, the Files app becomes a centralized place to search for, manage, and open files.

Check It Out: Files is One of The Most Relied Upon iOS Apps Around

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