Foldable Phones are a Gimmick That Apple Doesn’t Need

steve wozniak

I’ll go on the record to say that, while I think foldable phones are interesting, I also think they are gimmicky and Apple doesn’t need to chase that trend. But in a new interview with Steve Wozniak, he says he wants a foldable iPhone.

“Apple has been a leader for quite a long time in a few areas such as touch ID, facial ID, and easy payment with the phone,” Wozniak said in a Bloomberg TV interview. “They’re not the leader in areas like the folding phone, and that worries me because I really want a folding phone.”

Check It Out: Foldable Phones are a Gimmick That Apple Doesn’t Need

5 thoughts on “Foldable Phones are a Gimmick That Apple Doesn’t Need

  • Hmmm Where have I heard this before??? Oh yeah — the Stylus – that was a “gimmick” and then Apple aped it, edge to edge screens, OLED screens; Hi-Res screens; wireless charging; on and on.
    Does anybody here actually think Apple will NOT eventually make a bendy screen phone using a screen from another vendor?? They are already copying the bendy watch screen so…. I want you on record now saying that. If Huawei and Samsung sell millions of these around the globe Apple won’t follow as per usual???
    C’mon guys—step up and while your driving your Apple Car get on record about this!!! 📺

  • I gotta tell you that I really wanted a folding iPhone too. I mean who wouldn’t want something that could switch from an iPhone SE to an iPad Pro?
    But then I sat down and THOUGHT about it.
    Rather than getting something as easy to carry as an SE but with the text and keyboard size of an iPP, I likely would get something as easy to carry as an iPhone XS-Max, but still crippled with small text, and Chiclets sized keys. It would run phoneOS not padOS so it wouldn’t be nearly as flexible as my iPad. And it would not support the Apple Pencil. It would be more cumbersome than any other phone, and not nearly as useful as even the base iPad, all for more money than the two would cost if bought together..
    It would be Apple’s own Toaster/Fridge.
    So no, I don’t want one any more. I can see the geeky appeal, but I don’t want one. I don’t want a Swiss Army Device. I want the best tool for each job. And if that means I carry a phone for phone things, and my iPad for iPad things, then so be it.

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