Foxconn Staff Told to Stay Away from Shenzhen Factory

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak is continuing to be felt by Apple. Key iPhone assembler Foxconn has now told its works to stay away from its Shenzhen factory, Bloomberg News reported.

The moratorium represents an extreme effort by Apple Inc.’s most important partner to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus that’s paralyzed much of China’s manufacturing. Foxconn’s main iPhone-making base is farther north in Zhengzhou but coastal Shenzhen serves as its Chinese headquarters and the majority of the tens of thousands employed there are out-of-towners. The company also assembles a small portion of iPhones there. “To safeguard everyone’s health and safety and comply with government virus prevention measures, we urge you not to return to Shenzhen,” Foxconn wrote in a text message sent to employees. “We’ll update you on the situation in the city. The company will protect everyone’s work-related rights and interests in the duration. As for the happy reunion date in Shenzhen, please wait for further notice.”

Check It Out: Foxconn Staff Told to Stay Away from Shenzhen Factory

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