The Gates Foundation Profits From Private Prisons

Person in jail

Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates run the Gates Foundation, which recently increased its stake in Serco Group Plc, a private, for-profit prison in the U.K.

The trust, the Gates foundation’s investment arm, added nearly 200,000 shares of Serco Group Plc in May…The foundation’s staff have no influence over the trust’s investment decisions, according to its website…Serco runs six for-profit prisons in the U.K., all of which are nearly filled to capacity.

The staff may have no influence, but surely either of the Gates have a say in the matter?

Check It Out: The Gates Foundation Profits From Private Prisons

10 thoughts on “The Gates Foundation Profits From Private Prisons

  • Such naiveté. Calling conspiracy theory without citation is a cheap way to get me to do your searches for you. A simple search will find…

    The tetanus/sterilisation vaccine has been used by WHO and UNICEF since 1992 (citation below) for population control. The Gates foundation funded its use. One example…

    Doctors identified its use as recently as Kenya in 2014.

    You are partly correct. Gates says he no longer considers population control by vaccine acceptable. Careful reading of the Snopes article shows how his attitude changed over time.

    A simple search will give you various articles with references to original sources, like this one in India.

    The Gates family has been into eugenics for quite a while. Bill Gates’ father was at one time head of Planned Parenthood, started by American eugenics movement founder Margret Sanger. If you want to look into the history of this…

    There is an abundance of evidence if you’re prepared to look.

  • Andrew:

    Many thanks for sharing. Although this is going to cause some heartburn in certain circles, and might result in a statement from the Foundation, given their contribution to global health, which exceeds that of many governments, no less than mixed opinion about the private prison industry, this is unlikely to result in an unwillingness to apply for and accept BMGF grants. OTOH, something as potentially formidable as university student action could result in divestment.

    Please share what ingredient in which vaccine and kindly provide a reference. This particular rumour has resulted in healthcare worker deaths (mainly hardworking women) and a recrudescence of polio (as one example) in areas that were on target for polio elimination. Thank you.

    1. Do a simple search, you’ll find the information you’re looking for. HCG antigen was found in a five vaccine tetanus program as recently as 2014 in Kenya.
      Easier to read about it here

      This tetanus/sterilisation vaccine has been used since 1992 by WHO and UNICEF.

      This is a press release announcing funding (not the only time) by Gates

      See my reply below for more links.

    2. @gGrant
      Thank you for the reference. A couple of things; a personal observation, and then a professional one.

      I don’t know how much time you’ve spent in Kenya, but I used to live there, and still do some work in-country. I know these actors. Kenya suffers from both active anti-vaccine and anti-birth control (beyond abortion) communities – including the Catholic doctors of Kenya. This is nothing new. Importantly, the six vials they sent to somewhere in South Africa for testing lacked the documentation you would require for a bona fide investigation, beginning with manufacturer and the lot numbers. As the Health Ministry notes, it’s not clear what was sent for testing. I’ve dealt with this and similar communities. Two years ago, I attempted to help a colleague introduce oral cholera vaccine (OCV) into Kenya to quell an outbreak in East Africa. Before we could even meet with the Health Ministry, let alone set up a conference, opponents claimed that OCV would quash infrastructural and socio-economic development, because, who would need plumbing and toilets if they didn’t have the runs, so international funding would cease (yes, that argument really happened). And then came the sterilisation conspiracists. When I expressed dismay to a colleague in Kenya as to how you could even get a sterilisation vaccine to work in an oral vaccine – it has to go through stomach acid – she simply rolled her eyes, as if to say, ‘Do conspiracies need to be plausible or even rational?’ We simply moved the campaign to Uganda. (You can Google it. We ran it in western Uganda – Hoima District; and no change in birth rates).

      The original story you cite about the WHO/UNICEF and others using hCG-laced tetanus vaccine (Tetanus vaccine may be laced with anti-fertility drug. International / developing countries. Vaccine Wkly, 1995: p. 9-10.) is an old one, was investigated and debunked. The case was brought up by a Catholic priest who was president of a pro-life group (Human Life International) when they became suspicious of tetanus toxoid vaccine being given only to women of reproductive age in a campaign in 1994. Further to this, they and others were aware of studies being done in India on an anti-fertility vaccine (Kumar, S., Research into anti-fertility vaccine continues despite protests. Lancet, 1998. 352(9139): p. 1528.) – research by the way that went nowhere, and in any case was being investigated for use as a domestic product. They didn’t even have a product in 1994 or 1995, merely early animal trials. What’s the relation to tetanus toxoid? It has been used as a protein carrier in order to create an immunological response. It’s a great carrier protein. The tetanus toxoid vaccine itself is a separate vaccine with a separate preparation. This saga is a case study in a little knowledge being dangerous. The reason why, especially during catastrophic events, but even routinely, outside of early childhood, only women and girls of reproductive age are given tetanus vaccine is because they may bear children who can be infected during birth, resulting in neonatal tetanus which is lethal and a nasty way to die. Vaccinating men and boys, when supply is limited in a resource limited country will not prevent this mortality. No conspiracy, just simple public health prioritisation.

      This does not rule out bad actions by some governments to enforce sterilisation, typically on undesirable minority and/or poor subpopulations, but all were called out and in very short order, and none by using vaccines. I can name three countries, India, China and the USA – and not one them did so using vaccines. However, for an international organisation to do so would have to do it in league with a pharmaceutical company and several sponsors, which leads to vaccines themselves.

      Regarding vaccines, anyone who knows vaccine science (and no, that is not all doctors), knows that you cannot simply mix two or more different vaccines and expect either of them to work. Not only will they not work, they will likely have obvious and intolerable side effects. Everyone would know that the vaccine made them sick (or dead). These combination vaccines are referred to as multi-valent vaccines, and have to meticulously tested for safety and tolerance, non-interference, immunological effectiveness, and finally efficacy as a combination vaccine. It takes years and cannot be done in secrecy. For a company to develop such a vaccine without going through the regulatory steps of documentation etc would be criminal. And the entire vaccine-related community knows which vaccines are being developed and by whom. I’ve participated in number of such multi-site studies of new vaccine development, including combination or multi-valent vaccines. The current crop of anti-fertility vaccines are primarily anti-gonadotropin releasing hormone vaccines using a tetanus toxoid protein carrier for use in animals (veterinary medicine) (Ferro, V.A., et al., Immune responses to a GnRH-based anti-fertility immunogen, induced by different adjuvants and subsequent effect on vaccine efficacy. Vaccine, 2004. 22(8): p. 1024-31.) and (Ferro, V.A., et al., Efficacy of an anti-fertility vaccine based on mammalian gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH-I)–a histological comparison in male animals. Vet Immunol Immunopathol, 2004. 101(1-2): p. 73-86.)

      Finally, let’s assume that some nefarious entity decided to introduce a sterilisation vaccine en masse somewhere. If the damned thing worked, people would stop having babies. They’d notice. More importantly, it would create a precipitous decrease the fertility and birth rates. Any epidemiological investigation would uncover when, where and how it happened, lighting up the culprit vaccine like a Christmas tree. It would be child’s play. The culprits would be found out and likely referred to the international tribunal in the Hague for attempted genocide. With the right team, I could conduct such an investigation in days.

      I’m an advocate and defender of free speech. I also believe that anyone intentionally and falsely yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded cinema should do jail time. Intentionally and falsely yelling ‘Sterilisation’ in a high disease burden setting should be treated no differently.

      1. Thanks for all your work. I don’t have the time to go through your wall of words there, but if you quote examples of oral vaccines, when my sources wrote of injections, I can’t help but question your motive here.

        I’m glad you didn’t rule out nefarious government support for sterilisation without publicly admitting it.

        I certainly don’t expect a pharma supported publications to investigate such allegations and find it to be true.

        I don’t expect anyone to admit publicly what the agenda is or what is being trialled for what purposes.

      2. @gGrant
        My apologies for the lengthy reply above. I am, however, glad that you referenced my motives. I suggest it is less my motives, which are as obvious as they appear, than those of the conspiracists whose theories you support that you should question. My reference to oral vaccines was meant to underscore just that point, but perhaps I was not sufficiently explicit.

        The organisers/originators of these conspiracies are neither stupid nor ignorant of how vaccines actually work; I’ve spoken to my fair share of them. However, they assume and rely on a critical mass of the public not knowing and being persuadable. These leaders’ ambitions, in many cases, have little to with vaccines directly, but are about power and influence in the health industry, and require an active support base to make that happen.

        Their rationale is simple; if you are willing to believe that someone can simply add a tiny molecule, like human chorionic gonadotropin, to a vial of tetanus toxoid vaccine and cause sterility, then why would you not believe that you could add that same molecule to a vial of anything, even an oral vaccine, and cause sterility? Both are equally biologically implausible. The leaders of these movements know this, but are confident that you do not. Rather, that you will be so outraged by the possibility that someone would do this, that you will act against the vaccine, the industry, and any political leaders that support them. In so doing, you enlist into a power bloc that these conspiracists can use as a lever. Your support validates and rewards their cynicism.

        As for the vaccines, if you are interested, every study of ‘anti-sterility’ vaccines has shown that small molecules like human chorionic gonatropin and gonadotropin releasing hormone are too small to cause a protective antibody response capable of causing sterility. They need to be attached to a carrier protein, like tetanus toxoid, the active ingredient in the tetanus vaccine, to become visible targets to your immune system. Even then, they have to be chemically attached in the right configuration and proportion, and then these bound carrier proteins in turn need to be at the right vaccine concentration in order to elicit a protective immune response. This is not something someone can do in their basement; it is a high level, complex manufacturing process. And the only way to know that they’ve got it right is to test it; first on animals and then on humans. Lots of humans. This means that this vaccine has to be registered with regulators like the FDA and/or the EMA. To conduct such tests otherwise is a criminal offence.

        In other words, the whole world would know about the vaccine. The organisers of your conspiracies know this too. Common folk, they assume, do not know and are either too incurious or illiterate, society depending, to even inquire.

        You are right to question motives. I simply suggest that you are questioning the wrong ones.

      3. If the thing was that stomach acids are making that “sterilisation” vaccine couldn’t work it would make the same with any ofal vaccine. Its the matter of development of a vaccine and it can work oral or injected, under tongue etc, it’s the matter of technology how our body perceive it and use it. Independent tests and researches are always bad for big companies and big foundation money. Same thing is with Christian look on family, which ONZ is making like the worst communists and don’t let them speak, made up “researches”, etc just to justify the hostility against stable Christian society. Lockheed Martin wouldn’t make a lot of money in a peaceful Christian world, the government invested in ISIL as Michael Flynn revealed so everything is possible.

  • Glad you wrote this up, but as noted, Bill Gates has been making money from prisons for a long time.

    Don’t expect the foundation to be doing any good in Africa, either. They’ve been found distributing vaccines with a little advertised component which sterilises the recipient without them being told… helps with over population in Africa, apparently another Bill and Melinda policy.

    You might also find the Gates name associated with Canadian Oil plus he’s conveniently the largest shareholder in the Canadian National Railway, which brings Canadian oil to the US – one reason the pipeline was never going to go ahead, threatened Bill’s profits. You may not realise Canada is the US’ #1 source for oil imports. Don’t expect Bill to support a zero carbon economy any time soon.

    1. @gGrant: “They’ve been found distributing vaccines with a little advertised component which sterilises the recipient without them being told… ”
      Citation needed. I can follow/am not surprised on your other claims, but that one seems like a conspiracy theory as it’s a blatant human rights violation.

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