The new Dropbox for Mac has been annoying users, and it sounds like Dropbox employees don’t know how their app works.

To summarize, the problem is this: Dropbox now opens a new file browser and an associated Dock icon every time it starts, even if you don’t want it to…there are numerous Dropbox support employees who apparently have never used their company’s Mac application and do not understand how it works. As a result, Dropbox’s users have to explain to Dropbox employees how Dropbox’s application works on the Mac.

Check It Out: Dropbox Employees Seem to Have No Knowledge of Mac App

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  1. Paul Goodwin

    Thi isn’t surprising at all. The support people for just about anything you buy don’t know squat about what they’re supporting. Business operators out-source their support to the lowest bidder – usually not in the US.

  2. dtm1

    Stopped using Dropbox over a year ago. Instead of paying Dropbox monthly I pay Apple iCloud per month for the extra storage. It works. But I don’t think Dropbox cares of the Mac market really now.

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