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The Eclectic Light Company writes:

The Transparency Consent and Control (TCC) system [in macOS] maintains a database of each user’s consents.

This article explains what you must do when uninstalling software in Mojave, and presumably Catalina, in order to remove previous consents for access to protected resources.

If you were to reinstall that software, you would see that it was immediately granted the same access as when it was removed, without your consent being sought again.

This is an interesting and informative article about the seldom discussed macOS TCC.

Check It Out: About the macOS Transparency Consent and Control System

One thought on “About the macOS Transparency Consent and Control System

  • It also shines a spotlight on that fact that Apple STILL doesn’t have something that Windows has had since W95-a built in uninstaller. Just dragging the app to the trash and restarting isn’t good enough any more. You have files in the library, you have consents, you have file access, you have hardware access, all of which should be undone when an app is removed. If I could make a wish and get Apple to do one thing to macOS, this would be it. An app or a panel in System Preferences that would let you uninstall apps cleanly.

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