Google’s subsidiary DeepMind Health is restructuring and becoming part of the company. Now that its new app Streams is a Google product, people are concerned that Google will start linking patient health data to their respective Google accounts. My thought: You could just delete your Google account, but the health data will likely be added to an advertising profile of you instead. Update: A spokesperson from DeepMind reached out to me to make some clarifications. I’ve also changed the headline to make it more accurate.

Patient data is, and will continue to be, kept strictly separate from other Google projects/products, and subject to strict audit and access controls. Our contractual agreements with existing partners, and their restrictive rules on patient data, are still in force and unchanged. Patient data remains under our partners’ strict control, and all decisions about its use will continue to lie with them. The move to Google does not affect this.

Check It Out: DeepMind Health Team Moving to Google (Update)

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    You have a problem with this?

    This is the greatest idea to come along since Sinon convinced the people of Troy to bring that wooden horse into their city; and will probably turn out just as well for every schmuck who has a Google account.

    And this, on top of the FB vulnerability mediated by Google Chrome. I mean, it just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what Google will do with the next generation of wearables. Oh, the possibilities!

    • W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

      No, your self-driving Google car will simply take you straight to the morgue when the algorithm says your time is up.

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