‘Greyhound’ Success Prompts Apple TV+ Rethink


It seems that the success of Tom Hanks moving Greyhound has prompted a shift in thinking at Apple TV+. While big-name series were clearly always fundamental, sources told Fast Company that blockbusters are going are to be a much bigger focus going forward.

One source says the streamer is discussing plans to release a dozen new movies a year on Apple TV Plus, roughly one a month. Two to four of those would be blockbuster-type titles such as Greyhound and Emancipation, the runaway-slave thriller starring Will Smith and directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) that Apple recently acquired for $120 million in a bidding war with Warner Bros., Universal, and other studios. Another source had fewer specifics but confirmed that Apple is telling Hollywood that it’s now in the market for more tentpole-like feature films. (Apple would not comment for this story.) Apple’s greater focus on big films marks a noticeable amplification on its movie front.

Check It Out: ‘Greyhound’ Success Prompts Apple TV+ Rethink

One thought on “‘Greyhound’ Success Prompts Apple TV+ Rethink

  • Charlotte:

    This is known across trades and professions as adaptability (aka being nimble). In martial arts, it’s what Bruce Lee referred to as ‘being water’, formless and assuming the form of the vessel (the fight) it occupies.

    Apple, like any martial arts grandmaster, general or apex competitor, adroitly deploys two assets that keep it in the fight, and gives Apple purchase to extend, and often, ultimately dominate the contest; strategy, which is all about the long game, and adaptability, which is all about seeing and exploiting opportunity in real time before their competitor can react or move to intercept. These exploits can provide shortcuts to survival, dominance or victory. This is such a case. If weaker on serial content, then hit the competition with a series of compelling blockbusters. Either way, increase one’s mass in order to draw in more viewers.

    I like it. Now, let’s see how well it works.

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