COVID-19 Contact Tracing App ‘Working in Ireland’

flag of Ireland

Ireland’s COVID-19 contact tracing app is a rare success story, according to BBC News. It is also one of the tools that has been released using that Apple-Google API.

And now people in Northern Ireland are about to get access to a similar contact tracing app made by Nearform, the company behind Ireland’s Covid Tracker. Northern Ireland health officials confirmed at a briefing today that the app, to be released next week, will collect some data to show how it is functioning. In the early days there will not be much to go on as only between 10 and 20 new cases of the virus are being reported each week, but if there is a second wave of infections in the autumn they hope to know more about what is going on. The officials also revealed their app will work across the border, as will Ireland’s Covid Tracker.


Check It Out: COVID-19 Contact Tracing App ‘Working in Ireland’

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