Here’s What Apple’s AirPower Charging Mat Actually Looked Like

AirPower Prototype

Remember AirPower, Apple’s wireless charging mat that never made it to release? Well, The Verge has was sent pictures of a prototype and took a closer look…

Giulio Zompetti, a 28-year-old from Italy, says he has been able to purchase a prototype AirPower unit from Chinese e-waste sources. “The unit lacks all of its exterior housing, and shows this beautiful and heavy stainless steel chassis,” says Zompetti. In photos supplied to The Verge, you can see the AirPower mat powering a prototype iPhone, with its 22 coils on the front-facing side and 22 controller circuits on the rear. In order for this AirPower prototype to work, it has to be paired with special prototype iPhone hardware to activate the coils. “It doesn’t work with production devices, because the coils are woken up by the device,” explains Zompetti, who says he’s been able to charge two prototype devices simultaneously so far. Zompetti says he received the unit in December and was able to interact with it initially through a serial lightning cable.

(Image Credit: Giulio Zompetti)

Check It Out: Here’s What Apple’s AirPower Charging Mat Actually Looked Like

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