How Apple Watch Could Work on Android

Could the Apple Watch work with Android devices? Should it? As Rene Ritchie noted at iMore, it’s not something Steve Jobs wanted, but current Apple execs have explored the possibility.

Right now, the Apple Watch adds to the value of the iPhone, but in a different way. I mean, the iPhone makes almost all the profit in mobile already. Almost all profits everywhere. As markets mature, like the iPhone market has — like the phone market in general has — though, and you don’t have more customers buying, you add accessories and services so customers buy more. Apple spent a decade building up the iPhone so that they could spend the next decade using the iPhone as a platform to build up everything else, from Apple Watch to AirPods to Apple Music to TV+. But the question remains, would Apple Watch make even more money for Apple if it wasn’t dependent on the iPhone? If, like AirPods and Apple Music, and even TV+ to some extent, it could also work with everything, or just many things else? Like Android. And iPad.

Check It Out: How Apple Watch Could Work on Android

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