Huawei Asks Who Owns it. Move Backfires Spectacularly.

Huawei tweeted last week asking followers to give their opinion on who owns them. The Next Web reported that the final replies were probably not quite what the company wanted, with many claiming it is run by the government.

This seems like a risky move for a $100+ billion company that’s just had a major scandal, but maybe Huawei is just giving up on traditional sterile PR maneuvers and is actually reaching out to get the public’s perspective… Basically, it’s almost impossible to verify Huawei‘s ownership, but the real issue has also always been about who controls the company — #WhoRunsHuawei. The weirdest thing about Huawei‘s poll, however, is that the whole drama surrounding its ties to the Chinese government has pretty much died down in the press. There are still some political complications, but the US is easing up on Huawei, and countries like the UK have said there’s no technical reason to leave the company out of 5G infrastructure.

Check It Out: Huawei Asks Who Owns it. Move Backfires Spectacularly.

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