A new popup warning users when they are about to delete an app with an active subscription was spotted in the second beta of iOS 13. Cult of Mac reported that the pop also features a “Manage Subscription” button so users cancel any subscriptions they no longer want.

The new popup, spotted in the second iPadOS beta by Federico Viticci, asks “Do you want to keep your subscription for this app?” The prompt explains that you can continue to use your subscription on other devices, and reminds you when the subscription will renew. If you want to cancel, you can tap the “Manage Subscription” button.This will take you directly to the subscriptions section in the App Store, where you can cancel any subs you no longer need

Check It Out: iOS 13 Will Warn You When You Delete an App With an Active Subscription

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  1. archimedes

    Subscriptions are a plague. I don’t want to “subscribe” to your stupid app – I want to pay for it once and upgrade if you come out with a better version that is worth it.

    Imagine if Apple charged you a Maps subscription, and a Calendar subscription, and a Mail subscription, and a Music subscription. Oh wait, they already do charge subscription fees for iCloud and Music. And now you want us to subscribe to more stuff when we’re already paying for all of these other subscriptions?

    And I want Apple to stop breaking everything with every iOS update.

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