To be a Computer, iPad Pro Needs a Computer OS

Writing in his iPad Pro Diary series, Ben Lovejoy argues that the iPad needs a computer OS in order to be closer to a computer. He calls it “padOS.”

But while the iPad Pro isn’t trying to be a Mac, it is a grown-up device and it needs a grown-up operating system. Not macOS, but rather a tailored version of iOS, designed to take advantage of the additional capabilities of the iPad. What some people have termed padOS.

To Mr. Lovejoy I say this: Have no fear, this is what iOS 13 will be. *crosses fingers*

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4 thoughts on “To be a Computer, iPad Pro Needs a Computer OS

  • Still wrong-headed thinking, I’m afraid. Totally in line with Apple thinking, but still incorrect.

    iPad is for people that don’t need a computer. There’s WAY more of them than people that need computers and that’s fine, but iOS is an inherently limited OS. You only have to look at the awkward convolutions involved to get basic computer features like file system or windowing of apps… Just don’t go there. It’s not designed for it.

    Apple’s technically inept upper management keeps trying to make iPad into a computer, and it’s just frustrating customers. There’s always those “pundits” that will jump through any number of hoops to do simple computing and prove iPad can be used for real work, but we shouldn’t encourage them.

    I’m happy for Apple to experiment with A series chips in iPad as a stepping stone to A series Macs, but it should just concentrate on making iPad better, faster, cheaper for people that don’t need computers. What’s missing is innovation in Mac. Rene Ritchie says Mac hardware manager is more excited than he has been for 20 years and there might be a renaissance for Mac on the way, but I just don’t see Apple hitting the right priorities to bring Mac into the 21st century.

    Touch for Mac (lay those desktops on their backs, make a MacBook that’s a slate with a keyboard)
    Pencil for Mac (Pros are not waiting for Photoshop on iPad, they want Pencil on Mac)

    We can only hope touch Macs are coming and Apple’s learnt 10 years of lessons on iOS to blow us away.

  • I would definitely be ok with a locked down but full blown PadOS.

    I am a bit of a power user and cut my teeth on Assembly Code way back in the Atari 800/ Apple II days.

    However, Sometimes I just need a toaster. I will still have a full blown computer with a powerful OS for many of the diverse sorts of powerful under the hood specific things I want to do, but the iPad with PadOS could make a nice replacement for a laptop.

    My kids could appreciate an iPad with PadOS for all of the myriad of work they use a computer for with school. So much is web based. With a completely locked down machine, iCloud, Google Classroom, Word Processing Suite, Creativity Apps. Media apps etc…. a cheaper, but fully powerful and expanded iPad solution would make a ton of sense. Kind of like how windows does a Home Edition and a Professional addition. Most people don’t need all of the administrative and programing tools. The bulk of people including me can get by with a powerful and modestly constrained system.

    Having a locked down system would also be best for the average user in terms of security and an iPad with a full-blown PadOS would be a powerful seller in an age when so much hacking and other nefarious activity have become the order of the day. We need our systems to help us be better citizens of the web and help us lead more secure lives that are somewhat freer from worry of having to be so competent all of the time.

    Just works is a great addition.

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