Rene Ritchie’s iPad Pro review is the only one you’ll need. 90% of these reviews are written by jaded tech reporters who can’t get over the “But can it replace a computer?” question, to which most of them shout an indignant “NO!”

I like Rene’s writing because in my opinion he seems to write from the perspective of the average, everyday consumer. Whereas many tech reporters write things from their own point of view, which may not reflect their audience. His iPad Pro review has useful information, and I definitely recommend it.

Check It Out: Here’s The Only iPad Pro Review You’ll Need

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  1. Lee Dronick

    “We’ve always been at war with bezels. They’ve held the components we’ve needed to have the devices we’ve wanted, but they’ve also held back the displays we’ve dreamed of… the ones that would truly set our devices free.”

    On an iPad the bezels also provide a place to grip the device without triggering something on screen.

      • Andrew Orr

        Heh, it sounds like the new models have good finger rejection on the edges.

      • Lee Dronick

        Of course I will have to try one before cementing my opinion, but I am not yet in the market to replace my iPad Pro.

      • Andrew Orr

        I’m hoping to save up and get the 11-inch model, and I already have a couple of article ideas in mind for it. I think I could eventually use it to replace my MacBook, so I could write a “how to transition” piece.

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