Jonny Evans at Apple Must reports on the recent findings of Mixpanel. The results are interesting. Quoting author Evans:

1. Apple’s iPhone 7 series smartphones remain the most widely used model of the company’s smartphones even as iOS 12 adoption across the iPhone user base is around 75 percent, according to the latest Mixpanel data.

2. A cursory glance at the company’s iPhone model data seems to prove what I’ve been hearing anecdotally myself: Apple’s iPhone users are navigating to a 2-3-year upgrade cycle.

3. Mixpanel claims around 1/20 iPhone users are now on an iPhone XS/Max with around one-third of that number now on the recently-released iPhone XR.

Item #3 appears to contradict Apple’s assertion about the relative sales of iPhone XR. Fascinating.

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  1. vr8ce

    How? The iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are three different models. The XR can have “around a third” and still be the best-selling of the three. (34% vs 32% for each of the others, e.g.)

    Joswiak’s statement may or may not be accurate, but the above data doesn’t contradict him. (And even if it did, I’d probably pick his credibility over Mixpanel’s.)

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