How The iPhone Drives the Future of Mobile Silicon

When the new iPhone is released next month it will almost-certainly be powered by Apple’s A13 chip. As such, it will be the result of years of research into mobile silicon, not to mention customer dollars. Daniel Eran Dilger explained  the development in an in-depth piece for AppleInsider.

In an interview with Ars Technica last year, Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller noted that the company’s silicon designers regularly meet with other groups to explore how their needs can be accommodated in future hardware designs… While Google got more sympathetic media coverage, Apple has been building an ISP into all of its iPhones for years now. It effectively works as part of the camera system, both for users and third-party apps. Every new iPhone delivers further advancements in the ISP, allowing every new generation to capture better photos, higher frame rates, improved exposure and a variety of other advancements that enhance imaging inside and outside the camera app.


Check It Out: How The iPhone Drives the Future of Mobile Silicon

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