‘Inside Google, it’s a Game of Thrones’

While we may be cynical about much of what Google does, it is easy to imagine it being a fairly pleasant place to work. According to report on Business Insider, away from bright colours and free food, there is another, less pleasant, side to things. The sex and politics apparently resembles the goings of a popular HBO television show.

Google is a hotbed of sex and political infighting. And it always has been. A source who spent most of his career at Google put it this way: “Inside Google, it’s a Game of Thrones.” Game of Thrones is a series of novels and an HBO television show. The plot is wildly intricate, but the main story is about how several families from all over the Kingdom are competing to take over the throne. The show and books are full of violence, sex, and political intrigue. There is no violence at Google. But sex and politics? Oh, yes.

Check It Out: ‘Inside Google, it’s a Game of Thrones’

One thought on “‘Inside Google, it’s a Game of Thrones’

  • Like most people-composed-organisations. I’m sure it’s heightened in a company like
    Google, to GoT proportions perhaps, but it’s probably more common than publicly known in most big companies.

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