It’s Time For Some Official Apple TV+ Merch

Apple TV+ has been available for well over a year now, and some of the shows have picked up a considerable fan base. Writing for 9to5 Mac, marketing strategist Parker Ortolani argued that we now need some official merch. (And I think he’s got a good point…)

There is plenty of bootleg merch on the web for different Apple TV+ shows, primarily for “Ted Lasso.” That comes as no surprise since the show has been a huge hit for the company. The upbeat show has become a mainstay of pandemic life. It’s uplifting and just a pure joy to watch during these difficult times. We all know that if Apple were to take a stab at making merch, they would make some awesome things. In fact, they already have made some products to market shows like “Ted Lasso.” But they haven’t made them available to the public, rather opting to send gift packages to press and leaders of the television industry. The Apple-branded merch products that they sell exclusively at Infinite Loop and at Apple Park have always been incredibly cool pieces to show your Apple pride. There’s no doubt that Apple’s designers could do the same for these shows and films.

Check It Out: It’s Time For Some Official Apple TV+ Merch

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