Apple TV+: 'Servant' Season Three Now Available

The first episode of Servant season three premiered on Apple TV+ on Friday. The series from M. Knight Shyamalan stars Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, and Rupert Grint. It follows the story of a couple in Philadelphia, and how they react following an unspeakable tragedy. All episodes of seasons one and two are available now, with new episodes now being released weekly. A ‘first look’ clip has also been released.

Apple TV+: Author Cece Belle Explains 'El Deafo' Sound Design

In a new video, author Cece Belle discussed the intricacies of sound design for the animated adaptation of her comic book El Deafo. As you might imagine for a show about hearing loss, there are a number of factors involved, as showmakers tried to make things as realistic as possible. Similar issues were discussed in the production of the movie Coda too. The new family series is available to Apple TV+ subscribers now.