Apple TV+ is Now 6th Biggest Streaming Service in the US

Apple TV Not Available Region November 2023 Featured

According to data from streaming aggregator JustWatch, Apple TV+ has edged out Paramount+ to become the sixth biggest streaming service in the United States.

Note: Apple doesn’t release official subscriber numbers, JustWatch estimates Apple TV+ now holds a 9% market share, putting it slightly ahead of Paramount+.

This is a big jump for Apple TV+, which only held a 3% market share three years ago. The growth appears to be driven by Apple’s investment in high-quality original content. Some have even begun calling Apple TV+ the “new HBO” due to its critically acclaimed shows, referencing the decline of the HBO brand since its merger with Discovery+, as reported by iMore.

Apple TV+ still trails the streaming giants. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix hold the top two spots, each having over 20% of the market; 22% to be precise. However, Apple TV+ is now neck-and-neck with competitors like Hulu (10%) and Disney+ (11%), and even Max (14%) is within reach.

From the other graph, it’s clear that Apple TV+ is growing at the fastest rate this year, from January to June, compared to all the other TV service providers. At this pace, there’s a chance Apple TV+ could surpass Hulu by the end of the year.

This success likely stems from Apple’s focus on original content. Unlike some competitors who rely on bundling with other services, Apple TV+ is building a reputation for award-winning shows and movies. No doubt it’s the 6th biggest streaming service in the US now. And now that Apple is planning to bring Apple TV+ to Android, the only way is up.

Apple TV+ might launch in China and could reach even greater heights.

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