Apple’s Complete iPad Lineup for Next Year Has Potentially Been Leaked

2024 iPad Pro

Apple finally took the wraps off the new M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air during the Let Loose event in May. These iPads were initially rumored to launch in March but faced delays, reportedly due to a holdup with the iPadOS 17.5 software, according to reports.

But now that they are out in the wild, we await the newer ones…and a leaker might have something for us. A leaker seems to have shared the probable 2025 iPad lineup. These come from @aaronp613 on X, crediting Nicolás Álvarez for the find. Folks at AppleInsider note, “While there are some educated guesses in the list, there’s no guarantee that they are actually correct,” and I agree.

These leaks give us clues about what Apple might be planning for its iPads in the future. But until Apple officially announces these products, we won’t know for sure which iPads will actually be released. The leaks suggest that new iPads could be coming soon, while others might not see the light of day at all. Before proceeding, make sure to take this with a pinch of salt. That said, there are two groups in these leaks.

One group includes iPads that seem likely to be released soon. For example, it mentions iPad15,7 and iPad15,8, which could be new versions of the iPad with Wi-Fi and Cellular options. Another group of identifiers suggests iPads that might never be released, such as iPad13,20 and iPad13,21, which were supposed to have a different type of chip (A14) but now might not come out at all.

Upcoming iPads

  • iPad15,7 – A16 11th Gen iPad Wi-Fi
  • iPad15,8 – A16 11th Gen iPad Celular
  • iPad16,1 – A17 iPad mini 7th Gen Wi-Fi
  • iPad16,2 – A17 iPad mini 7th Gen Cellular
  • iPad17,1 – M5 11-inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad17,2 – M5 11-inch Pro Cellular
  • iPad17,3 – M5 13-inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad17,4 – M5 13-inch Pro Cellular

Scrapped iPads

  • iPad13,20 – A14 Wi-Fi base model
  • iPad13,21 – A14 Cellular base model
  • iPad15,3 – M3 11-inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad15,4 – M3 11-inch Pro Cellular
  • iPad15,5 – M3 13-inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad15,6 – M3 13-inch Pro Cellular

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