Apple in Talks To Bring Apple TV+ to China, To Be the Only American Streaming Service There

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Apple is reportedly negotiating with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier, to launch its streaming service Apple TV+ in China. This move will give Apple TV+ access to a massive audience – over 200 million Chinese mobile users.

Not just this, Apple is planning to bring Apple TV+ to Androids. If this happens to be true, then Apple would really be able to make the most of the 200 million China Mobile customers.

The current status of the talks is undisclosed, but if things go Apple’s way, it would be a major win for them. Moreover, if negotiations pan out, Apple TV+ could become the only American streaming service to operate within China’s highly regulated market.

Since 2017, Apple hasn’t launched any new subscriptions or media services in the mainland. But, this recent push shows a renewed interest in the strategy. Reports suggest Apple is also exploring ways to bring other services like Apple Arcade and Fitness+ to the Chinese market.

The company has also struck a deal with Tencent to offer Tencent applications on Vision Pro. Vision Pros have already been spotted in the CCC database, which means the launch is happening sooner rather than later in 2024.

Apple products and services in China often come at a premium compared to the US. For instance, the high-end Apple TV 4K reached a price point of 1,161 yuan (approximately $170 USD) during China’s Double 11 shopping event last year, while the official US price is $149. Similarly, the monthly subscription fee for Apple TV+ is likely to be adjusted to reflect the Chinese market.

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