iTunes and App Store customers are used to getting emailed receipts for their subscriptions and purchases.  However, 9to5Mac reported that some users are no longer receiving them.

Apple has regularly sent email receipts for all digital purchases made in the App Store and iTunes, but that seems to have changed at some point recently. It seems likely that this is a bug rather than a purposeful feature change, though. A growing thread on Apple’s support website indicates that this problem has become rather widespread… The key here is that users are still being charged, they just aren’t receiving receipts for those charges. This can be rather confusing, especially when many users have multiple monthly subscriptions.

Check It Out: Lots of iTunes and App Store Customers Are Not Getting Receipts Anymore

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    I claimed at Apple 2 weeks ago and the answer was to check the problem with my email provider. As usual, pointing finger to someone else is the easiest and cheapest solution!

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