Japan Display Inc Shows off Futuristic Technology

Japan Display Inc., a Japanese manufacturer known for producing iPhone screens, unveiled some futuristic technology at a recent event.

The presentation, perhaps unintentionally, highlighted the company’s challenges in reducing its reliance on screens for mobile phones, which account for 80 percent of revenue. Samsung Electronics Co. and Sharp Corp. earlier this week reported earnings that took a hit from sluggish global smartphone sales and JDI is due to report first-quarter results on Aug. 8. In addition, Apple is shifting to next-generation organic light-emitting diode displays, which JDI doesn’t produce in mass quantities.

I love me some futurism, and it’s good to see Japan Display start to branch out now that we seem to be in peak smartphone.

Check It Out: Japan Display Inc Shows off Futuristic Technology

One thought on “Japan Display Inc Shows off Futuristic Technology

  • Samsung will be a step ahead of Apple again when the Galaxy X hits in January with their latest (7 years of R&D – are you listening Apple?) version of OLED bendable screens – they cracked the bendable battery so now apparently it’s ready for prime time. This should give back the sales lead Samsung classically has had over iPhone until last quarter where Apple sold 2 million+ more phones – but Samsung still was #1 in phone revenues same quarter.
    The iPhone X did well – it kind of bitch-slapped the naysayers that said it was tanking. All sales are down – probably market saturation iyam. 🖥

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