Why Jeff Bezos Wants to Colonize the Moon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants to colonize the Moon. Obviously. Business Insider reported on his speech at his firm’s re:MARS conference. He told attendees that we have to go to space “to save the Earth.”

Bezos said that using the moon is all part of his plan to save humanity by helping build the infrastructure necessary for space colonization. “The reason we’ve got to go to space, in my view, is to save the Earth,” he said on Thursday. “If we’re going to continue to grow this civilization, we need to move — and I’m talking about something our grandchildren will work on and their grandchildren— and so on this isn’t something just this generation is going to accomplish.” And the moon turns out to be the perfect landing spot for our eventual space needs for a variety of reason, Bezos believes.

Check It Out: Why Jeff Bezos Wants to Colonize the Moon

2 thoughts on “Why Jeff Bezos Wants to Colonize the Moon

  • Bezos is sounding a lot like Ben Bova’s character Dan Randolph from the 1st couple of his Grand Tour books.

    And while I wouldn’t rely on engadget as a source of scientific information, the article is essentially correct. The issues, however, go far beyond what such a short consumer article can illuminate. The hurdles for permanent, or even extended-stay, occupation of space are numerous and substantial. Personal and community shielding from particle radiation is going to require some substantial and create engineering solutions. Then there is long-term muscular-skeletal degeneration, resource availability, re-supply costs (SpaceX is working on that), and many others.

    No one (I hope!) thinks that space presence will be easy; it is going to be difficult and downright dangerous for the brave few willing to attempt it. (but…what was that that JFK said? We choose to go to the moon…not because it is easy…etc.).

    Ultimately, we have to decide if it is worth the effort and risk. (and whether societal timidity will prevent the risk-takers from taking the risk) (But hey, what’s risky about letting 40 people drive around in circles at 200+ mile/hr, packed check-to-jowl, huh?)

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